Westin W3 Boat G.C. 30lb/50lb 3 Piece Rod

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1.00 KGS

Westin W3 Boat G.C. 30lb/50lb 3 Piece Rod

A practical 3 section design makes this rod ideal for all kinds of travelling, no matter if the destination is Norwegian sea fishing or some tropical island. The Comfort Cross Gimbal is a great alternative to conventional "stomach puncturing"  metal or hard plastic gimbals. It fits perfectly into a gimbal harness.

The LTS low rider guides are some of the toughest saltwater, boat guides around and the 'TORAY' blank offers superior strength and value for money.

Travel 3 Piece Concept:
Travel 3 Piece Concept
Fuji DPS Seat:
Fuji DPS Seat
LTS Low Rider Guides:
LTS Low Rider Guides
TORAY High Performance Carbon:
TORAY High Performance Carbon
Premium EVA Handle:
Premium EVA Handle
Reinforced with Kevlar Carbon:
Reinforced with Kevlar Carbon