Kamasan Fishing Rods and Equipment

Kamasan hooks have been around for 30 years, and the company has always continued with their innovative manufacturing techniques. Their use of chemical sharpening for their hooks was a first in the industry, and was so immediately popular that almost every other manufacturer joined in with the practice.

Almost all anglers in the UK will have used Kamasan hooks in their careers, as their highest quality hooks cover all disciplines, from lightweight coarse fishing through to heavy duty sea fishing. All the hooks in the Kamasan range come in clear packaging, so you can quickly and easily find the hooks you need in your tackle box, as well as getting the quality which comes with Kamasan.

Our range of Kamasan hooks focuses on fly fishing for trout and salmon, as these are some of the best available, and have a history of being tried and tested. For more information on the products available, and about our price match promise, feel free to get in touch.