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HISTORY OF Keens Tackle and Guns

Welcome to Wales' Largest Fishing & Hunting Shop

Keen’s Tackle and Guns is the creation of Peter and Jeff Keen who decided to start the business back in 1978 in their garage. Both had a love for Fishing and Shooting and the brothers wanted to spread their passion, this is where Keen's Tackle and Guns began. Growing over the next 40 years, Keen’s Tackle and Guns has become one of the leading names in the Fishing and Shooting industries, employing over 10 knowledgeable members of staff, each an expert in their fields. Whether you are an online customer or a customer of our 5000 sq. foot retail stores, we pride ourselves on offering you excellent service and advice from our experienced staff. Even our newest member of staff holds 10 plus years experience working with us.

Both beginners and experienced Anglers and Huntsmen will find all leading manufacturers stocked at Keen's Tackle and Guns. And no matter what your budget, we aim to have what you require.