Century Fishing Rods and Equipment

Century is one of the few remaining UK based manufacturers of fishing rods, and their expert staff and quality craftsmanship give you fantastic results when fishing for carp or at sea.

Being a world class manufacturer for over 30 years have given the company the experience it needs to give you top quality products, with the expertise and experience reflected in every item they make. By controlling their manufacturing process in the UK, they have complete control over quality and the manufacturing process. Whilst many companies have outsourced their manufacturing to the Far East and elsewhere, the decision to stay in the UK has paid off for the range of Century rods.

With high modulus carbon fibres used in their rods and a resin support system, Century rods provide excellent action without any degradation throughout the lifetime of the rod. The extensive warranty system encourages purchase, with many rods performing to the same exact standards even after 20 years of use.

Join the ranks of numerous competition winners and Moeskops World Champions and purchase a Century rod to add to your arsenal. For further information, get in touch with us today, and our experienced staff can help you make an educated decision and get the best product.