Abu Garcia

Abu Garcia Fishing Reels & Tackle

The Swedish brand Abu Garcia started out in the early 20th century, focussing on light precision engineering. Starting out with watches, timers and meters, the company moved into fishing tackle during the Second World War due to a lack of demand for their previous equipment.

Since then, Abu has continued to develop reels and other accessories, with the famous Abu Ambassadeur reel released in 1952. This design has been finessed and developed further, but the original design still remains at the heart of the reel, which is why it continues to be one of the most popular sea fishing reels on the market today.

Abu received the honour of being “Purveyor to the Royal Swedish Court”, reflecting their focus on quality and excellent craftsmanship. The Abu company merged with the American distribution firm Garcia in 1984 to create the new company Abu Garcia, whilst still maintaining the Abu ethos of superb quality and craftsmanship.

In the years since, Abu Garcia has continued to develop various best-selling and innovative reels, including the Revo reel in 2006, which became a hit across the globe. With a huge influence on the fishing community, Abu Garcia continues to give anglers the highest quality products.