Chub Fishing Tackle & Rods

Leading the way in the European angling scene, Chub fishing tackle take a great amount of pride in how their tackle takes care of fish, as well as helping you land fish. If you don’t take care of fish, then the next angler won’t be able to catch them, so this responsible approach means that people can appreciate fishing for years to come.

Chub also represents a massive pro-team, with big names such as Matt Jackson, Darren Belton and academy manager Ed Betteridge. These professional anglers help Chub through testing and development so that these findings can be passed on to you.

Chub fishing rods and tackle include great warranties and their helpful YouTube channel can give you further advice on using their equipment to get the best when on the water’s edge. For more information on the products available, feel free to get in touch with us today.