Hardy Fishing Rods and Equipment

Starting life as a gunsmith in Alnwick in the 19th century, Hardy is one of the oldest and most revered brands in fishing, maintaining high quality and tradition, whilst still being relevant to the modern angler. Focussing on the finest big game and fly fishing tackle, Hardy has kept their values at the forefront of the business throughout their near 150 year history.

The Hardy flagship model is their “Perfect Reel”, designed and initially created almost 130 years ago, this reel has been in almost continual manufacture, and has remained consistently popular throughout this time. In addition to this, the past range of Hardy fishing tackle has earnt a highly sought-after reputation, with some limited run items being considered classics to this day.

Although the company has had its ups and downs, the quality and consistency in their products has remained, and maintains their standing as high quality products which no angler would turn away from.

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