Beretta Guns and Equipment

Beretta’s heritage can be traced back to as far as 1526, when Mastro Bartolomeo Beretta sold 185 arquebus barrels to the Arsenal of Venice. During the early 1500s the Beretta name established itself as a reliable and high-quality manufacturer of firearms throughout Italy. Years of knowledge and experience passed down from Bartolomeo to his son Giovannino and grandson Giovan Antonio, and has continued to do so to this very day. In the early 1800s Pietro Antonio Beretta continued to persevere despite facing adversity from wars and invasions throughout Italy. He spread the family name throughout Europe, and when Pietro took control of the business in the early 1900s he began to introduce modern manufacturing methods, allowing Beretta to quickly become one of the most modern and well-established arms makers in the world. Today Beretta have become a household name, and with the US Armed Forces using the 92FS pistol as their official sidearm, they are now a world-renowned manufacturer of reliable firearms.