Beretta 92F Nickel CO2 Pistol

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Beretta 92F Nickel CO2 Pistol

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The Beretta M92 FS. Widely used throughout the world today by special task and Police forces and the armed services, the Beretta M92 FS has become legendary. A superb accurate copy has been developed, based on the original firearm and the result is a perfectly balanced sport and target pistol with smooth firing and high accuracy for those who want that little bit extra.



Ammo: .177 Pellet/ 12g CO2 Capsule:
Ammo: .177 Pellet/ 12g CO2 Capsule
Mag Cap: 8 shot:
Mag Cap: 8 shot
Sights: Laterally adjustable:
Sights: Laterally adjustable
Power: 3.5 Joule:
Power: 3.5 Joule
Overall Length 210 mm:
Overall Length 210 mm
Barrel Length 114.6 mm:
Barrel Length 114.6 mm
Weight 1260 g:
Weight 1260 g
Velocity: 120 m /s:
Velocity: 120 m /s
Action: Double -Action:
Action: Double -Action