Cortland 444 WF Clear Intermediate Fly Fishing Line

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Cortland 444 WF Clear Intermediate Fly fishing Line

The 444 Clear Intermediate was designed for fishing clear, pressured bodies of water. The transparent body remains virtually invisible in clear water providing an effective way to approach the spookiest fish feeding under the surface. Features a sink rate of 1.5-2 inches per second.

Mastering a controlled, effortless cast determines your success in fly fishing. The time-tested formulation of the 444 Classic Fly Line series offers today's fly fishers the same supple, glass smooth finish that made this line, the "Fly Line of the Millennium". The suppleness of the 444 Classic combined with special tapers allow you to keep tight loops and pinpoint casting accuracy.

The 444 Clear is the top choice for Still water anglers all over the world. The 444 Clear is ideal for the shallow water conditions and spooky fish. This super supple line will remain supple in the coldest conditions.

WATER: Freshwater / Saltwater:
WATER: Freshwater / Saltwater
LINE: Intermediate:
LINE: Intermediate
TAPER: Weight Forward:
TAPER: Weight Forward
LENGTH: 90ft:
LENGTH: 90ft
CORE: Monofilament:
CORE: Monofilament