Cortland 444 SL WF Mint Green Floating Fly Fishing Line

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Cortland 444 Weight Forward Peach Floating Fly Fishing Line

Cortland’s SL (specialized line) has remained a staple versatile trout line for over 40 years. The mint green color is highly visible and effortlessly casts a variety of trout rigs. The extended body easily mends at long distances for precise line control. Designed for those anglers that require accurate distance casting.

Mastering a controlled, effortless cast determines your success in fly fishing. The time-tested formulation of the 444 Classic Fly Line series offers today's fly fishers the same supple, glass smooth finish that made this line, the "Fly Line of the Millennium". The suppleness of the 444 Classic combined with special tapers allow you to keep tight loops and pinpoint casting accuracy.


WATER: Freshwater:
WATER: Freshwater
LINE: Floating:
LINE: Floating
TAPER: Weight Forward:
TAPER: Weight Forward
LENGTH: 105ft:
LENGTH: 105ft
CORE: Braided Nylon Multifilament:
CORE: Braided Nylon Multifilament