Tronixpro Xenon Clear Shock Leader/Rig Body

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Tronixpro Xenon Clear Shock Leader/Rig Body

A fairly hard leader material with incredible abrasion resistance. Ideal if you’re fishing amongst snags, boulders and over rough ground. The material is low stretch which helps to transfer power from the lead during the cast to load the rod better. This low stretch property also makes it excellent for creating rig bodies too. An advanced copolymer structure enhances the lines knotting potential, unlike other leaders and rig body any heat produced when bedding down knots won’t affect the structure of the knot or line. While some other lines produce slight kinks near to where knots have been tied, this line does not.

0.70mm | 60lb | 100m

0.80mm | 75lb | 100m

1.00mm | 100lb | 100m

1.20mm | 130lb | 50m

1.60mm | 180lb | 50m

Low stretch:
Low stretch
Advanced copolymer structure:
Advanced copolymer structure
Highly abrasion resistant:
Highly abrasion resistant