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Although the Tackle Box is larger than any of our other tackle storage products, it still maintains the ‘less clutter, more carp’ ethos, despite the fact that a lot can be fitted into it in a way that wastes absolutely no space at all – it really is the TARDIS of the tackle box world!

It has 29 compartments of assorted sizes to store smaller items of end tackle, plus a magnetic rig board that will take ten pre-tied rigs, and the layout is adjustable via moveable dividers. Our recently updated square hook link spools fit in perfectly, as do the Kamakura hook boxes, and it will also take the new Leader-Safe and Mini Compartment Boxes.

There are four Mini Compartment Boxes in the range, which will be sold separately and feature six, eight, nine and sixteen compartment options. These are great for storing smaller items and fit perfectly into the Tackle Box, with a curved base ensuring that you can easily take them out when you need to. A translucent lid helps you to identify the contents, and a magnetic closure prevents any spillages.

The new Leader Safe comes in two sizes, and is also designed to fit in the Tackle Box, and it is the perfect storage system for your leaders, and will accommodate lead clips and Heli-Safe Systems, with the large version also having recesses for the beads and sleeves found on helicopter leaders. It can also be used on its own and features a removable sleeve that can be easily fitted to protect your leaders.

Head of product development, Tom Dove, commented: “We have looked at these for a long period of time and wanted to create a product that we felt was better than what is already out there.”

The Tackle Boxes retails at £39.99, and is available from all Korda stockists. Mini Compartment Boxes come in at £6.99 for the smaller two sizes, £7.99 for nine compartments, and £8.99 for the 16 compartment version. The Leader Safe costs £5.99 for the small one, and £7.99 for the large.

Compact design maximum storage:
Compact design maximum storage
Magnetic Lid System:
Magnetic Lid System
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Rubberised top Lid