Posted by Gary Keen on 10th Nov 2016

5 Best Fishing Apps/Games

The modern day angler will undoubtedly own a smartphone but might not be aware they can utilise it within their chosen hobby. Whether it’s a fun fishing game to keep you entertained whilst you are waiting for a bite, or a useful app to help you out whilst you’re on the edge of a lake, then a smartphone can be a useful tool all year round.

Man using iPhone

Below we have listed some of the best fishing apps and games for you to download on your smartphone, that will either help you out whilst fishing, or allow you to carry on fishing when you’re sat at home on the couch.

Carp Fishing Simulator

£3.99 - Available on iOS and Google Play

One of the best fishing simulators available on mobile, Carp Fishing Simulator will allow you to carry on fishing from the comfort of home. Fish in 5 different lakes, with 3 different rods and catch carp up to 100lbs. With added details such as time, date and weather, this game is the ideal companion for an angler needing a quick fishing fix.

Fishbrain – Social Fishing Forecast App

Free - Available on iOS and Google Play

Have you ever wanted to know an accurate data-driven Fishing Forecast before setting out? Fishbrain is a handy app that provides that and much more. Find out much more about your fishing location, track your catches, discover the best baits to use and connect with other anglers using this free app, which you can also upgrade to premium for $5.99 a month or $39.99 a year.

Ridiculous Fishing – A Tale of Redemption

£2.29 - Available on iOS and Google Play

Ridiculous Fishing boasts exceptional design, complete with easy controls and a fun interface. It might not be the most accurate fishing game, but it’s certainly the most fun. Winner of Apple design awards and considered an essential download for smartphones, it’s also a must-download for any angler.

Fishing Calendar

£4.49 - Available on iOS and Google Play

This useful app makes predictions of the best fishing times in your area, based on Solunar information, which can dramatically increase your chances of a good catch. With an easy to use interface, and an option to share your catches with other anglers, Fishing Calendar makes planning your trips even easier.

Go-Cat Cat Fishing

Free - Available on iOS and Google Play

Are you an angler who also owns a cat? Go-Cat Cat Fishing is a mobile game designed for cats, and lets them tap on the screen to collect points when they find a fish. Possibly better on a larger screen, this fun app will keep you and your cat very happy.

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