18 Must Have Items for Your 2018 Fishing Bag

Posted by Keen's Tackle & Guns on 5th Feb 2018

18 Must Have Items for Your 2018 Fishing Bag

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Since it’s a new year, we think you deserve to treat yourself to some new fishing equipment, but we know that updating your fishing bag with the best tools, accessories and gadgets can be difficult as there is so much choice on the market.

Our online store stocks hundreds of different products for you to enjoy, so to help you narrow down your search and find some real gems, we’ve picked 18 must-have items for your 2018 fishing bag. We know many of you will already have your favourite, reliable fishing rod, so we’ve decided to focus on 18 fishing accessories that will complete the ultimate kit.

Vass Dry Fishing Rucksack 40L Titanium Grey and Black – Edition 2

1. Vass Dry Rucksack 40L Titanium Grey and Black – Edition 2

Price: £59.95

What better way to update your kit than starting with the bag itself! This Vass Dry Rucksack is completely waterproof and although designed for extreme conditions, would be perfect for all anglers.

Sea Fishing Fly Selections

2. Fly Selections

Price: £4.95-£8.99

Replace your old (and probably a bit discoloured) fly selections this year by choosing a new set from our sea trout and salmon or trout range. These colourful dancers will entice the trout and help you make a great catch.

Fox Exocet Dart Marker Float Kit

3. Fox Exocet Dart Marker Float Kit

Price: £13.99

Get involved with the latest zig rig and surface carp fishing trends by using the Fox Dart Marker Float Kit. This brightly coloured float with air cavity flights has great lift and visibility, allowing you to embrace float fishing in all its glory.

Dawia Saltist Lever Drag Multiplier Fishing Reel

4. Dawia Saltist Lever Drag Multiplier Fishing Reel

Price: Now reduced to £277.50

For all you sea anglers, it’s time to upgrade your reel to one that really complements your rod. The Daiwa Saltist Reel is the king of boat reels with a winding power that is 30% greater than those similar on the market.

Shakespeare Sigma Fly Fishing Reels 5/6

5. Shakespeare Sigma Fly Reels 5/6

Price: £24.99

For those of you who prefer fly fishing, the Shakespeare Sigma Fly Reels will make a great 2018 upgrade. Made from a lightweight graphite material they’re affordable and portable, coming in their own carry case.

Penn Rampage II Beach Deal 2 13ft

6. Penn Rampage II Beach Deal 2 13ft

Price: Now reduced to £199.97

2018 is all about trying something new and experimenting with technique and style, which is why we’ve included this sea fishing starter kit. Now at a reduced price, there’s no better time to try your hand at sea fishing.

Fox Duralite Fishing Chair

7. Fox Duralite Chair

Price: Now reduced £79.99

Make 2018 a more comfortable year by purchasing a fishing chair. Strong yet lightweight, this chair will be your new best friend through rain or shine.

Greys Rubber Micro Mesh Pan Fishing Net

8. Greys Rubber Micro Mesh Pan Net

Price: £14.99

Nets make every angler’s life easier and Greys Pan Net is no different. Made from a rubber-coated polyester mesh, this net remains lightweight when in the water, allowing you to lift your fish safely and humanely.

Deeper Pro + Wireless Fish Finder

9. Deeper Pro +

Price: £205.00

Treat yourself to a bit of fishing tech with the Deeper Pro +. Its deeper smart sonar will help you find better fishing areas on the ocean or river floor, while locating depth quicker than your traditional floater marker. It will then link the information to an app on your phone making your trip much easier to plan.

Amadou Fly Drying Patch

10. Amadou Fly Drying Patch

Price: £12.51

Make your fly drying patch stylish by choosing this leather coloured printed case. This patch doesn’t just look good, it’s perfect for drying all types of flies, making it a must-have accessory for any fly fishing angler.

Mustad Heavy Duty Pliers 6 Inch

11. Mustad Heavy Duty Pliers 6 Inch

Price: £10.99

Pliers are a necessary item in every fishing kit and the Mustad Heavy Duty Pliers are some of the best on the market. They’re great for removing hooks, clamping down barbs or cutting a fishing line.

Marttiini Basic Fishing Filleting Knife

12. Marttiini Basic Fillet Knife

Price: £13.99

Just like a trusty pair of pliers, a knife is an essential part of your kit. It’s important to have a sharp and high-quality knife, such as this Marttiini basic fillet knife, with a good grip so that you can keep your cuts clean.

Berkley Fishing Line Stripper

13. Berkley Line Stripper

Price: £9.99

This line stripper can strip a standard spool of line in 60 seconds, making it the number one tool for field casting. This nifty gadget is great for all anglers and can fit in your pocket, meaning it’s portable and practical.

Berkley 35lb Digital Fishing Weighing Scales

14. Berkley 35lb Digital Weighing Scales

Price: Now reduced £35.99

This digital scale is something we think every angler needs to make their life easier. Its comfort grip and precision accuracy allow you to weigh fish up to 35lb, so you can keep a detailed record of all your winning catches!

Daiwa Pro Polarised Sunglasses SG10

15. Daiwa Pro Polarised Sunglasses SG10

Price: £19.99

Protect your eyes from the sun, and glare from the water, with the Daiwa Pro Sunglasses. These polarised sunglasses are durable and reliable, perfect for those long days out on the water.

Le-Chameau Mouflon GTX Boots

16. Le-Chameau Mouflon GTX Boots

Price: Now reduced to £188

If your boots are worn out, we’d recommend replacing them with the Le-Chameau Mouflon GTX Boots. A personal favourite, these boots are made from high-quality leather and have a built-in ankle support to minimise pressure.

Airflo Outlander Vest Fishing Backpack 15 Litre

17. Airflo Outlander Vest Backpack 15 Litre

Price: Now reduced £42.99

While fishing, it can be difficult to carry all the equipment you need, which is why the Airflo Outlander Vest is our seventeenth product. Pockets, zips, fly trays and D-Rings, this waistcoat has everything an angler could want.

Abu Garcia Smoker

18. Abu Garcia Smoker

Price: Now reduced £54.99

Finally, our eighteenth product for your 2018 fishing kit is the Abu Garcia Smoker. Cook yourself tasty meals whilst you’re fishing using this enamel steel smoker.

We hope you will update your fishing kit with some of these useful accessories and make 2018 your best fishing year yet! For more fishing and hunting products browse our online shop, which has a range of equipment for any keen angler or hunter.