Deeper Pro +

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1.00 KGS

Deeper Pro Plus Smart Sonar with Free Petzl Tikka

This has taken watercraft to the next level be it that your on borrowed time and need to find better fishing areas on the bottom or find depth quicker than your traditional marker float set up the Deeper Smart Sonar will aid you in these ways and so much more.

The winner of more than nine fishing equipment awards !,Highly detailed but easy-to-use app for your smartphone or smart device,Adjustable sensitivity to block out false positives in muddier conditions,Colour mode helps distinguish fish, vegetation and bottom,Internal Wi-Fi access point, meaning that you can avoid using your mobile data when connected !,Free bathymetric (water depth) area maps available on the Deeper App allowing you to navigate on land as well as under the water of your swim,Small size and light weight makes it eminently cast-able even without a dedicated spod rod,High scanning resolution and refined dynamic range for more detailed and more accurate mapping and fish finding,GPS locator, to aid in creation of accurate swim maps,Dual beam sonar (290kHz @15°, 90kHz @ 55°) ,Min depth : 4.3’ / 1.

Enables you to Map swims or Entire lakes more effeciently:
Enables you to Map swims or Entire lakes more effeciently
Wifi signal boosts distance operation:
Wifi signal boosts distance operation
Built in GPS for accurate reading:
Built in GPS for accurate reading
Works on Smart Phones and Tablets:
Works on Smart Phones and Tablets