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AirForceOne Trophy Co2 Pistol Single Shot

Product ID: AF1TP
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Product Description

The new pistols offer 40 full-power (5.5ft/lbs) shots from a single 12gr CO2 capsule and are available in a .177 Target model and a .22 Vermin! Variant. Both models feature free-floating barrels for excellent barrel harmonics which aid accuracy, and a beech wood competition-style stock with a palm shelf that improves grip and control.


Single Shot
.177 .22 Calibre
Full Power 5.5FT/LBS
Wood Grip
Open Sights

Product Videos

AirForceOne Trophy Co2 .177 Target Pistol Review 10:08

a review of the AirForceone Trophy pistol; this pistol is a .177 target pistol that uses 12g Co2 cartridges for its power source. with a brilliant trigger and ergonomic grip this really is an excellent entry level pistol for anyone wishing to get into target shooting. a review of the Bruni mod p4, which is an 8mm blank firing pistol. this is the uk spec pistol that comes in a "two tone" finish and with a top venting action. it's a compact pistol that is ideal for anyone that either wants to practice firing technique or train gun dogs. for more information feel free to check out our facebook page by searching "Replica reviews", there you'll see all the latest airgun news and have direct contact with us if yo have any questions or issues. thanks for watching!

  • AirForceOne Tr...
    a review of the AirForceone Trophy pistol; this pistol is a .1...