Veniard BT Super Tacky Dubbing Wax

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Veniard BT Super Tacky Dubbing Wax

This dubbing wax is super tacky with a softer consistency than other dubbing waxes, making it fast and simple to use. It provides extra grip onto your thread so you can securely attach and tie in your dubbing.

It can also be used for adding extra grip to materials like goat hair when tying into Salmon fly patterns and works great for giving better grip when tying tube flies on tubes without a lip.

The Veniard BT Super Tacky Dubbing Wax is supplied as a tube stick with a lid to keep fresh and a twist bottom.

Formulated by Al Beaty
Super tacky formula
Softer consistency, fast and easier to use
Extra grip for thread when fly ting
Supplied as a convenient tube stick