Titan XS Mainspring

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Titan XS Mainspring

No.1 Fits :
BSA Airsporter, Mercury, Challenger, 635 Magnum, Supersport, Lightnings, Superstar, Goldstar, Centenary.
Air Arms Firepower, Jackal, Woodsman.
Original Model 34/35/36/38/45/(48/52/54 Std. power) HW99, FWB 124/127

No.2 Fits :
HW80, Webley Eclipse (FAC), HW90 (to replace gas ram) Pro Elite.

No.3 Fits :
HW77 (FAC), HW97, Original Mod. 35/45/50. Hammerli 401

No.4 Fits :
HW35, Webley Eclipse (Std.) Original Mod. 48/52/54(FAC) Goldstar FAC

No. 5 Fits :
BSA Meteor MK1-5, Diana Mod. 24/26/27/28/G46/70/71/78/79/80, Vostock

No.6 Fits :
BSA Meteor MK6 & Mk7, BSA Comet, Crosman Phantom, Mod 800.
Hatsans, XS38, XS19, QB36

No.7 Fits:
BSA Polaris, Webley Tracker, Osprey, Excel, Viscount, Xocet, Stingray, Falcon, Hawk MK1-3, Norica, Relum (using existing inner), Baikal, Cometa 5, Haenel Mod. 303, Gamo Sniper, Commando, Delta, Apache, CF16, Rangemaster, Statical, Magnum, Gunmark Phantom, NAC, HW30, HW55 & HW55T, Gamo 1000, Shadow, CSI, Whisper, Gamo 68, Norica 73

No.8 Fits :
Webley Vulcan, Omega, Longbow, Tomahawk, HW95, HW98, Gamo 3000

No.9 Fits :
Air Arms TX200 MK1 & MK2, HW57
Also Can Be Used In Airsporter, Mercury, Supersport, Superstar & Goldstar In Conjunction With Titan Tuning Parts To Give A Smoother Firing Cycle.

No. 10 Fits :
Air Arms TX200 Mk3
Pro Sport

No.11 Fits :
SMK - All Models - Reduce length to size. Stoeger X20.
NOT XS38 or XS19

No.12 Fits:
Cometa 100, 200, 300, 400, Fenix, Dragon. Comet.

No.13 Fits:
Gamo Paratrooper, CF20, CF30, CFX
HW85, Cometa FAC.

No. 14 Fits:
Diana 350 Magnum, Webley Patriot.

No.15 Fits:
HW45 Pistol, HW25, Orig Mod 20

Airgun Spring:
Airgun Spring
May need to cut to fit:
May need to cut to fit