Storm 360°GT Coastal Biscay Weedless Shad - Green Mackerel

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Storm 360°GT Coastal Biscay Weedless Shad - Green Mackerel

The Storm 360°GT Coastal Biscay Shad has an articulated body and head which allows it to swim with an enhanced life-like action to mimic the swimming motion of a small bait fish. The paddle tail gives a strong action and the weighted head means that the lure works on the drop as well as the retrieve. The super supple body is fixed to the head by a free-swinging screw and VMC® hook that sits perfectly hidden within the lure's weed-less channel system. This gives you the confidence to work the lure nearer to the seabed or structure helping to catch more fish. The lure casts well and is effective from the shore or the boat. On the boat it can also be fished vertically or worked on a flying collar rig over the wrecks.

Available in 3 sizes;







Articulated design:
Articulated design
Weed-less rigging:
Weed-less rigging
Supple body:
Supple body
Strong paddle tail action:
Strong paddle tail action
Realistic finish:
Realistic finish
Body and head in matching colour:
Body and head in matching colour
Long casting:
Long casting
Suitable for shore or boat:
Suitable for shore or boat
Strong 5/0 VMC® Weedless hook:
Strong 5/0 VMC® Weedless hook
2 Complete lures per pack:
2 Complete lures per pack