Sticky Baits Krill Frozen Boilies

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Sticky Baits Krill Carp Boilies

Not only does the inclusion of Krill add to the nutritional profile of the bait, it is also highly regarded in the aquaculture industry as one of the greatest natural “flavours” and stimulates fish into a feeding frenzy.

Whilst Krill may be the namesake of the range, this devastating boilie comprises of a staggering twenty-five different ingredients including a couple of little gems to which we attribute the baits immeasurable success. As much as we love the open and honest approach…we’ve got to have the odd little secret!

During the testing stages it was clear that the bait was going to be a huge success, but it wasn’t until the bait was released that we realised just how much of an impact it would have on the carp bait world. Since it’s release in March, the bait has accounted for an unreal amount of big fish, and even if we do say so ourselves, it’s undeniably a classic in the making!

Available in 16mm or 20mm 

Highly digestible ingredients:
Highly digestible ingredients
The very best mix of attractants:
The very best mix of attractants
Frozen fresh:
Frozen fresh