Sticky Baits Krill 4mm Pellets

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Sticky Baits Krill 4mm Pellets

The outer coating of The Krill Pellets contains a high level of pure krill meal, so once immersed in water, these particles rise and fall through the water column attracting and drawing fish into the baited area. The second part of the coating slowly releases a deep-orange cloud that clings to the lake bed and oozes natural attraction to hold fish on the baited spot.

Great for use in PVA bags, groundbaits or spod mixes and can also be ‘balled up’ with the addition of a liquid, which makes them ideal for moulding, round a method feeder. For a really effective tip try fishing a Krill Dumbell Wafter over a mix of The Krill Pellet and chopped Krill Boilies. What fish could resist this bed of complete attraction!

Range of sizes:
Range of sizes
Unique two stage leakage:
Unique two stage leakage
Fresh ingredients of the highest quality krill:
Fresh ingredients of the highest quality krill
Perfect sizes for P.V.A bags:
Perfect sizes for P.V.A bags