Snowbee Lightweight Plastic Fly Line Tray / Stripping Basket

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Snowbee Lightweight Anti-Crack Hard Plastic Fly Line Stripping Basket with Adjustable Webbing Waist Belt - Grey

Made from anti-crack, hard plastic

Lightweight, for all-day comfort

Adjustable webbing waist belt & next support strap

Tapered line control turrets in base, to prevent fly lines tangling

Easily drilled for water drain-holes, if required

 Review by Total Fly Fisher

"There’s nothing more frustrating than getting your fly line snagged under your feet or on the under growth, or even caught on something while fishing on a boat when you’re trying to cast, so this new, hard-plastic stripping basket is going to prove popular with anglers who fish from the bank while wading or fishing the tight confines of a boat,

It’s lightweight and rigid, and you can rely on it not collapsing like some of the material-style baskets. It comes with a waist belt and neck-support strap, so that you can set it to sit comfortably on the waist. There’s plenty of room, and to ensure that the line doesn’t tangle the base incorporates eight well-spaced control turrets.