Semperfli Straggle String Multicard

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Semperfli Straggle String

Semperfli Multicards offer the customer a variety of colours to use on one handy card,meaning your can vary your tying patterns to your hearts content

Straggle String in this collection:

  • SF6250 Insect Green Olive
  • SF5500 Fl. Wimbledon Yellow
  • SF7250 Fl. Green Rhyacophilla
  • SF4450 Orange
  • Fl. Red
  • SF4150 Fl. Orange
  • SF8000 Fl. Pale Pink
  • SF8350 Fl. Pink
  • SF3350 Dark Red
  • SF5300 Brown Olive
Multicard Presentation:
Multicard Presentation
Choice of Colours:
Choice of Colours
Multiple Options:
Multiple Options