Sakuma 465 Kong Hooks

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Sakuma 465 Kong Hooks

A brute of a hook! Made from hi-carbon steel with a short shank, wide gape, straight eye and chemically sharpened point. Suitable for Conger, Tope and skate in the larger sizes and Bass, Smoothound and Gilt Head Bream in the smaller sizes.

Sizes 1/0 - 6/0 10 x hooks per pack

Size 8/0 - 5 x hooks per pack

Popular hook for tope, skate, bass and smoothounds:
Popular hook for tope, skate, bass and smoothounds
Increases Catch Ratio:
Increases Catch Ratio
Slightly beaked point:
Slightly beaked point
Hi carbon steel:
Hi carbon steel
Short shank, wide gape:
Short shank, wide gape