Night Master Trident Tri-LED Long Range Dimmable Hunting Light IR Kit

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The Trident is our most powerful and versatile hunting light yet, with a beam distance of picking up eyes out to 1000m and clear identification out to 350m across the range of LEDs, the trident will have you covered no matter the situation.

The Trident boasts many useful features; not only 3 switchable LEDs, a dynamic rotary dimmer switch and easily focusable head, it also has a quiet switch, low-battery indicator, beam lock-out function (to prevent accidental activation), and an ‘Active Light Indicator’ on the tail-cap to indicate when the beam is on – perfect for use with the infrared (IR) LED, as a reminder to switch off when not in use.

But what will excite many night hunters the most is the powerful amber LED, which replicates street lighting, making it less spooky to quarry and easier on the eye.

With a large range of focus, you can adapt the Trident to throw out a tight pencil light beam for the longest distance possible or really open up the beam to a wide flood for up-close illumination - all of this from a simple twist of the head (one full twist will take you from spot to flood).

Night Master Trident features an intelligent Tri-LED mechanism meaning you can swap between the different coloured LEDs from a turn of the knurled dial without changing the focus or effecting the beam position on your point of impact.

The quiet Intelligent Dimmer Switch featured on the Night Master Trident has a number of functions; turns the light on/off, dims/brightness the beam, provides a lock-out function and an indicator tells you when the light is active (useful when using the IR) as well as a low battery indicator, to let you know when you need to swap or charge your battery.

Want to control your Night Master Trident from the rifle stock?

Covert Night Vision Combination' - Amber, Red & IR (850NM)

The Night Master Trident Covert Night Vision Combination features our clearest yet IR (850NM) LED, paired up with your Night Vision device you can expect very clear identification up to 350m, as well as our new Amber LED and our brightest yet Red LED - this set-up is really going to keep you hidden in the shadows as covertly as possible.


Tri-LED Technology:
Tri-LED Technology
Rapid Brightness Control:
Rapid Brightness Control
Active Light Indicator:
Active Light Indicator
Switch Lock-out:
Switch Lock-out
Low Battery Indicator:
Low Battery Indicator
Long Range Beam:
Long Range Beam
Focusable Beam:
Focusable Beam
Amber, Red,IR (850NM):
Amber, Red,IR (850NM)
Beam Distance: 1000m:
Beam Distance: 1000m
Battery: 1 x 18650:
Battery: 1 x 18650
Switch: Intelligent Dimmer Switch with LED Indicator:
Switch: Intelligent Dimmer Switch with LED Indicator
Protection: Sealed with o-rings for excellent water resistance and improved service life:
Protection: Sealed with o-rings for excellent water resistance and improved service life
Dimensions: 210x67x25.4mm:
Dimensions: 210x67x25.4mm
Weight: 405g:
Weight: 405g
Finish: Rugged body with HA Type III anodising:
Finish: Rugged body with HA Type III anodising
Lens: Specially designed focusable convex lens for maximum beam distance:
Lens: Specially designed focusable convex lens for maximum beam distance
Night Master Trident Hunting Light:
Night Master Trident Hunting Light
18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery:
18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
Scope Mount:
Scope Mount
Battery Charger:
Battery Charger
12V Car Charging Cable:
12V Car Charging Cable
User Manual:
User Manual
Hard Carry Case:
Hard Carry Case