Nash Spot On Bushwhacker Pro XL Baiting Pole

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3.00 KGS

Nash Spot On Bushwhacker Pro XL Baiting Pole

New for 2022 the Bushwhacker® Pro XL offers the same innovative features of the Pro model with an increased payload for heavier baiting – the spoon capacity enlarged to hold up to 1.5kg of boilies.

Moonshine Multi Lite Mount

Putting an end to straining to see the spoon in a head torch beam the Multi Lite mount moulding allows a Multi Lite Torch to be clipped to the front of the spoon itself, giving you headlights and unbeatable night time navigation out to your drop zone.

Note: The Multi Lite Bushwhacker Clip is supplied with T3011 Multi Lite not with the Bushwhacker Pro or Pro XL Systems.

Deeper Mount

Mount the universally popular Deeper Sonar on to your spoon using the neat accessory bracket that holds the Deeper ahead of your spoon to assess depth and even report back via your phone app if there are carp in the swim.

Leading Bridge

With the stealth of positioning baits by spoon and opening up inaccessible areas how do you know you are presenting a bait effectively on a hard bottom or along a polished margin? The answer is the Leading Bridge. Clip it in position on the rear of the Pro spoons, ship a lead or end tackle out to the target invert the spoon and the lead can be lifted and dropped using the rod and reel to check the bottom before committing a rig to the spot. Never drop with guesswork ever again!

10 x 1.5 metre sections:
10 x 1.5 metre sections
Bushwhacker Pro XL spoon:
Bushwhacker Pro XL spoon
Leading Bridge:
Leading Bridge
Deeper Mount:
Deeper Mount
Drawstring carry bag:
Drawstring carry bag