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Mighty Bright Chameleon Reflective Tip Tape (12")


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Product Description

Mighty Bright Chameleon Reflective Tip Tape

Mighty Bright Eclipse Chameleon... Introduced in late 2016, Mighty Bright’s ‘Eclipse Chameleon' Range of reflective tape is yet another innovative Angling sector first.

The Exciting new Chameleon range is based on the incredibly popular Eclipse (black) reflective tape but goes a step beyond!

The ‘Chameleon Range’ of tapes includes a Yellow, Green, pale blue, Gold, Red & Hot Pink. All of the films are black in base colour and have only tinges of their chameleon colour. When illuminated by a headlight the Chameleon range reflects brightly, producing some pretty cool colours and giving great visibility at night

No other product comes close for quality or ease of use. It is also the only tape that's been specifically computer-cut in a way that best suits modern fishing rods. There's no cutting required and it's fitted in minutes. 

Also suitable for use on knife handles, tripods, tackle boxes, bait needles, and hundreds of other uses.



Pack contains 4 x 300mm Strips
Available in 6 colours.

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