Maxima Ultra Green Fly Leader 100m spool

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Maxima Ultra Green Leader 100m Spool

Retaining the better characteristics of the Chameleon line yet featuring improved knot strength, a finer diameter and far more supple.

The low vis ultragreen also offers camouflage capabilities.

3lb 0.15mm, 4lb 0.17mm, 5lb 0.20mm, 6lb 0.22mm, 8lb 0.25mm, 10lb 0.30mm, 12lb 0.32mm, 15lb 0.35mm



Ulragreen Low Vis Colour:
Ulragreen Low Vis Colour
Extremely Supple:
Extremely Supple
High Strength and Abrasion:
High Strength and Abrasion
Brilliant Knot Strength:
Brilliant Knot Strength