Mainline Impact Glugs

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Mainline Impact Glugs

Mainline's High Impact range of Hookbait Enhancement System dips help to boost the attraction level of hookbaits, boilies, pellets and groundbait.

Utilising our exclusive High Impact flavours, as well as a list of proven sweetners and attractors, these PVA friendly liquids can enhance any bait to draw fish from all levels of the water column.

100% Water Soluble

PVA Friendly

Available in 175ml plastic screw-top bottles:

Essential I.B.
Aromatic Fish
Spicy Crab

Helps boost attraction:
Helps boost attraction
Instant leakage:
Instant leakage
Matches Boilie Choice:
Matches Boilie Choice
P.V.A Friendly:
P.V.A Friendly