Leeda Rogue Floating Sling

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Leeda Rogue Carp Cradle

This carp sling comes with a long retaining cord, which is far better in case the fish tries to escape in shallow margins or when weighing, again keeping the fish safe and the angler's experience less stressful.The base of this sling is rounded instead of squared to avoid fish to sliding from one end to the other when in transit. The sling is also constructed of a soft mesh which promotes water flow and increases fish safety as it allows for rapid water flow and drainage throughout. The handles stem from the semi-rigid arms sown into the sides of the sling, having a gap in the centre of the sling to keep the main body of the fish open, allowing a better water circulation to the carp. The Leeda Rogue product also offers ultra-buoyancy, means the sling can float in the water retaining the fish for a short period of time.

This lightweight fabric and soft mesh also benefit the angler in being easy to drain water when packing away. The Rogue floating sling is quick drying which means packing up should be a cleaner and efficient. 



Carry Bag Included:
Carry Bag Included
Quick Drying:
Quick Drying
Safe Retaining:
Safe Retaining