Leeda 10 inch T Bar Specimen Discorger

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Leeda 10 inch T Bar Discorger Specimen

The Leeda specimen T bar discorger offers a quick, safe and easy to use solution to unhooking deeply hooked fish. Made using a high quality, stainless steel, this 10 inch long discorger is a must have item for any anglers fishing for big fish using big hoks. Made using high quality stainless steel for strength and durability, this product is ideal for anyone who fishes for big fish with big teeth, such as sharks, eels or smoothound. The multi-position tip enables the angler to push or pull the hooks with one simple movement to extract hooks from deep inside the fishes mouth and allows for safe return of your catch with minimum stress to the fish.

10 Inch long design:
10 Inch long design
Stainless steel construction:
Stainless steel construction
Ideal for saltwater anglers:
Ideal for saltwater anglers
Helps prevent accidental injury:
Helps prevent accidental injury