Korda Stow Indicators Carp Fishing Bite Indicator

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Korda Stow Bite Indicator Carp Fishing

The Stow Bite Indicators are totally original in there design for two very obvious reasons. Firstly the line is trapped to the side of the indicator by a plastic clip making every movement of the line register as a visible indication on the indicator. Secondly unlike conventional indication systems, the Stow Indicators are designed to drop off your reel line when you get a take unlike conventional indicators that are designed to let the line pass through and stay attached during takes. This eliminates any chance of entrapment of indicators in your alarms during real aggressive takes.

No matter what type of alarm you use, there is a suitable connector in the Korda Stow complete system. The system comprises of one Stow indicator, one hockey Stick and two chain attachments of different lengths. The First has a short bar and chain that is designed to allow instant line release when the indicator head is in line with the roller wheel of say a Delkim or ACE I-3 sized alarms. The second bar and chain (on the rear of the blister packaging is also designed with the same task in mind but is more suited to smaller alarms including the ATTs and Gardner TLB’s.

Available in six colours:
Available in six colours
Spare chain supplied:
Spare chain supplied
Magnetic Hockey Stick:
Magnetic Hockey Stick