Korda Maggot Klip Carp Maggot Clip

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Korda Maggot Clip Carp Fishing Maggot Clip

All you maggot anglers are going to be rubbing your hands because the long-awaited Maggot Klip is now back in stock. It’s even sharper than the original design making threading maggots onto the needle neat and easy.
The Klips are available in a range of different sizes to suit your needs. You can therefore thread on as many maggots as you wish.
The clasp fastens tightly onto the front of the Klip making it safe and easy to utilise. They are fantastic for outwitting pressured carp throughout the summer and winter period.
We’ve also been experimenting with seeds of hemp on the Klips and it works extremely well when bites are hard to come by or when you’re fishing over a spodded concoction of particle.
They come available in X Small, Small, Medium And Large.