Korda KD Rig Ready Made Carp Fishing Rig

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Korda KD Rig Ready Made Carp Fishing Rig

The KD rig was developed by long-time Essex carper Steve Eves and many of the guys at Korda have used this presentation in their fishing because of the great hook holds that it attains.

The hair positioning is critical on the KD rig. It leaves the back of the shank just above the eye, which has the effect of making the hook eye light and the point relatively ‘heavy’ when used with a balanced bait. This helps to ensure that the hook is always in optimum hooking position and ready to prick the bottom lip.

To ensure that the presentation is at its best, you must use it in conjunction with a slow-sinking hook bait. This can either be a purpose made, neutrally balanced hook bait or a pop-up anchored by placing a split shot on the hair. Many anglers here at Korda also place cork inside a bottom bait to create what is known as the ‘Muzza’, a rig that has its own section within our Rigz pages on this site.

Through experience and results, the KD rig is best used with a curved hook pattern. As a result, go get some Kurv Shanks and catch some carp.

neutrally balanced:
neutrally balanced