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  • Korda Bait Krusha Carp Baiting System

Korda Bait Krusha Carp Baiting System


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Korda Bait Krusha Carp Baiting System

Simply fill the Krusha on the section that states ‘fill’, place the other section over the top and begin to twist. The more vigorously you twist, the smaller the items will be. Grinding pellets to a mere dust creates a mighty fine bag mix and if you’re a fan of solid bags, look no further. The boilie particles will also be a fantastic addition to a stick mix, spod concoction or marginal blend. Experiment with literally anything and you could create the ultimate mix!
Marginal enthusiast Simon Scott was absolutely mindblown with the Krusha development and won’t go angling without one. He literally crushes up everything; from nuts, hemp, to boilies and pellets. He put the Krusha to the sword during a spring session on Churn Pool, situated in the Cotswolds, and caught many magnificent specimens to over 20lb – all over rock hard, chopped baits. What more can we say? Simply awesome!


Experiment with literally anything
Perfect for the day-to-day carp angler

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