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Howa Blued Black Hogue Sporter 24inch Barrel Rifle

Product ID: HBBH

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Product Description

Howa Blued Black Hogue Sporter 24inch Barrel Rifle

Howa rifles are multi-shot and come as standard with a floor plate system but a magazine system can be fitted for under £100. A two stage adjustable HACT match trigger is used to achieve maximum accuracy and consistency. The fully floating barrelled action has been put into a Hogue overmolded stock, a synthetic skeleton stock which has been coated with a soft rubber compound for excellent grip in all weather conditions. Hogue overmoulded stock use an aluminium pillar bedding system ensuring consistency and accuracy over the life of the gun.



Blued sporter barreled action
High performance
Available in many calibers
Available in Black and Green stock

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