Greys Kite Single Handed Fly Rod

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Greys Kite Single Handed Fly Rod

The Greys Kite Single Handed series is a range of trout fly rods that offer exceptional value for their mid range price. The Kite is a high performance, high recovery action fly rod that is available in various and lengths and casting weights to cover a range of fly fishing applications.

Designed and constructed with Toreon carbon technology, which incorporates a resin that has been infused within the carbon fibres of the rod blank. This unique technology allows for a much lighter rod to be manufactured that is significantly stronger over traditional carbon fibre. This technology helps to reduce the weight of these rods making your overall set up lighter, which makes them a joy to fish with.

The Kite Single Handed range of rods feature a high recovery rate with a moderate to fast action. This makes these rods ideal for the experienced angler and the beginner alike as the action makes them incredibly easy to cast and load with minimal false casts. These blanks also offer incredible feedback which allows for more feel to be passed to the user during casting, making long distance and accurate casts effortless.

Fitted with high quality lined stripper guides on the lower sections and single foot snake guides throughout. Each top section is finished off with a chrome tip ring which is incredibly smooth and durable. The snake guides are designed to help reduce friction when casting by keeping the fly line away from the rod blank during the cast which helps generate higher line speeds resulting in increased casting distances.

Each rod features a high quality AAA grade cork handle which provides a professional and long lasting finish so you can be sure to be using these rods for many enjoyable seasons to come. Finishing off the Kite range of rods is a dual up locking-alloy reel seat with either a wooden or aluminium spacer depending on the model which will keep your chosen reel secured in place with ease.

On the larger models the reel seat is fitted with an EVA fighting butt and on the smaller sizes an alloy end cap. Each rod section features line up ID marker dots which allows you to precisely identify if your rod sections are lined up correctly when assembled. These rods are finished with an aesthetically pleasing black/grey coloured blank with black and red whippings throughout.

The Kite series comes in a 4 piece configuration, supplied in a protective rod cloth bag and a Grey’s branded hard travel tube which will protect your rod when storing or travelling.



TOREON 4 piece configuration:
TOREON 4 piece configuration
High-recovery high-performance action:
High-recovery high-performance action
High quality lined stripper guides:
High quality lined stripper guides
Single foot snake guides throughout:
Single foot snake guides throughout
Line up markers on each section:
Line up markers on each section
Fitted AAA grade cork handles:
Fitted AAA grade cork handles
Range of lengths and AFTM ratings available:
Range of lengths and AFTM ratings available
Comes supplied in a partitioned protective cordura travel tube:
Comes supplied in a partitioned protective cordura travel tube