Gemini Premium Pulley Swivel (5)

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Gemini Premium Pulley Swivels

The Pulley Rig has been a favorite amongst anglers for many years. A Pulley Rig will generally require the use of a Pulley Swivel for the main rig body to run through.

To date most Pulley Swivels on the market carry certain downfalls, they can be too weak for casting, too big causing tangles and due to design they can damage and kink the main rig body during the cast, not something any of us want.

The new Gemini Premium Pulley Swivel has been developed to eradicate these flaws. They incorporate an inner radial edge to eradicate line damage, with no sharp internal angles the line can run smoothly through the Gemini Premium Pulley Swivel ensuring the Pulley Rig operates perfectly every time.

They are super small, minimizing tangles, and yet ultra strong, tested to 80lb!
New premium pulley swivel:
New premium pulley swivel
80lb Swivel:
80lb Swivel
Minimising tangles:
Minimising tangles
5 Per Packet:
5 Per Packet