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Gemini Breakout Sinker Sea fishing Weight 240 gram/9oz


Product Weight: 0.21 KGS

SKU: G240

Product Description

Gemini Breakout Sinker Sea fishing Weight 240 gram/9oz

The unique design of the Gemini breakout sinker has distinct advantages over conventional break-out grip sinkers, other than the inter-changeability of the heads. Because the nose cone places the grips in front of the mass of the lead sinker, this alters the centre of gravity, bearing greater pressure on the grips into the sea bed.
To test this, place a Gemini sinker alongside a conventional style sinker of equal weights, then, in turn, place your finger on the nose cone and push backwards.


A slight step up from the 210g breakout sinker, offering a greater hold on the sea bed. Suitable for up-tiding from a boat or pier.


Adjustable tension
240 Gram
Ideal for uptiding from a boat or pier from the shore

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