Fortis Essentials Polarised Sunglasses - Amber Lense

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Fortis Essentials Polarised Sunglasses - Amber Lense

At the heart of the concept for the essentials, the defining factors were weight, performance & cost. By striping back to the core, everything in this design is minimal. However there is no compromise on quality and we still use our signature lenses to provide the ultimate polarisation. There’s no denying the Fortis Wraps are easily the best performing sunglasses for under £20 on the market! However, we’ve launched a scaled down, stripped back version, at an even cheaper price point for anglers on a budget. Fewer features and less packaging… but the same good quality lenses and protection Fortis is renowned for. The ‘Essentials’ are lightweight and fit perfectly around the face to block out the sunshine from getting in through the sides. The 1.1mm popular 24/7 brown or AM/PM amber lenses cover all light conditions and cut out glare allowing you to see deeper below the surface so you can spot fish or features in the depths. Essential for every trip to the lake!

They come supplied with a microfiber drawstring bag, which not only stores them but cleans them too

Available in Brown 247 lenses (ES001) or our renowned Amber AMPM lenses (ES002).

High Quality Polarized Lense:
High Quality Polarized Lense
Durable Frame:
Durable Frame
Amber Lense / Black Frame:
Amber Lense / Black Frame
Stylish Design:
Stylish Design
Reduces Glare Greatly:
Reduces Glare Greatly