Eley Vip Game 32 gram Fibre 2.5 inch


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Eley Vip Game 32 gram Fibre 2.5 inch

The last and most successful redevelopment of the Eley Hawk Game shooting range has been our flagship cartridge, the VIP Game. Developed directly from the extremely successful Trap VIP range. With speeds matching those of the best trap cartridges, the VIP hunting ammunition has earned a reputation of being one of the most effective game shooting cartridges available to today’s modern game shooter. Needless to say this is the cartridge of choice for Lord James Percy, an expert in game shooting. Top quality perfectly matched components coupled with secret blends of propellant and of course Eley Hawk’s extensive expertise and know-how, creates one of the hardest hitting performance ranges of game cartridge currently available on the market. Available in photo-degradable wad or Kleena EVO III fibre wad from 28gr to the award winning ELITE 34gr and EXTREME 36gr with a comprehensive choice of sizes.

Available in 5 and 6 shot.

Available in 5 and 6 shot:
Available in 5 and 6 shot
Top quality:
Top quality
Perfectly matched components:
Perfectly matched components
Ultra performance:
Ultra performance