Eley Impax Game 12 Bore 28 gram Fibre Shotgun Cartridges 2.5 inch


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Eley Impax Game 28 gram 12 Bore Fibre Shotgun Cartridges 2.5 inch

Considered by many to be the ultimate in true English game ammunition, often copied yet never equalled, our outstanding quality and performance resulting from the manufacturing excellence of a company established in 1828. The low recoil and smoothness of this ammunition has always made it the first choice of the traditional English Gun owner worldwide. A true winner in the United Kingdom and exceptionally popular overseas. Available in waterproof and paper case, only Kleena EVO III fibre wad and 28gr.

Outstanding quality and performance:
Outstanding quality and performance
Available in 6 shot:
Available in 6 shot
Available in Fibre only:
Available in Fibre only
Low recoil:
Low recoil