Eley Fourlong Fibre Shotgun Cartridges 2/2.5 inch


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Eley Fourlong Fibre Shotgun Cartridges 2/2.5 inch

A classic in the game world, the 410 fibre wad from Eley Hawk has been a winner for over 50 years. No other manufacturer produced a 36 gauge cartridge in fibre due to its complexity and technicalities, only available to a company with the excellence and pedigree of Eley Hawk. Actually there were no other manufacturers when Eley Hawk started loading these cartridges! Extremely fast and smooth the 410 range meets the demands of every type of use with ease. Available in UK 5 to UK 7 shot, 12.5gr, fibre wad only.

Available in 6 shot:
Available in 6 shot
High performance:
High performance