Breakaway Seat Box Comfy Cushion

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The comfy cushions are made to fit the Breakaway backrest. easy to fit ,made from strong nylon and well padded for extra comfort. these really are the ultimate in add on luxury items , the use of heavy duty velcro straps allows them to be fitted quickly , without the need to alter the back rest in any way , due to the fact the cushions will fit either the top or bottom curvature back supports, means they can easily be swapped around if desired for extra luxury when carrying your box or a bit more comfort when leaning back waiting for those bites , if you'r that angler who just has to have it all , why not treat you'r self to a pair . Designed by Dave Brown.

Attaches easily:
Attaches easily
Foam inner:
Foam inner
Extremely comfortable:
Extremely comfortable