Posted by Gary Keen on 15th Mar 2017

​The Most Expensive Guns in the World 2017

You can buy all kinds of high quality firearms and hunting equipment at Keen’s Tackle and Guns, but it’s rare we would stock anything that is more than a few thousand pounds at most. But, if you have ever researched the most expensive weaponry in the world, you would be shocked at the price tag compared to a normal weapon.

Traditionally, an expensive hunting rifle would lend it’s cost to the expert craftsmanship, materials and perhaps the age of the weapon that makes it more of a collectible than a usable firearm. On the other hand, it can also be due to the gun being used by someone famous, or being involved in a pivotal piece of history.

Have a read below of our up to date list of all the most expensive guns in the world for 2017.

Holland & Holland ‘Royal Ejector’ Over and Under - £150,000

Type – Double Rifle

Barrel – 24²

Weight – 9lbs 2oz

This exquisite, mint condition weapon was completed in 1995, and features full coverage deep relief engraving along with gold inlays and a walnut butt stock. It also has a Schmidt and Bender 1.5-6x42 scope mounted on the barrel, and takes .375 H&H Magnum ammunition.


Holland & Holland are one of the UK’s oldest gun makers, established in 1835 in London. Harris Holland was initially a tobacconist by trade, but turned his hand to gun manufacture after being inspired by his love of pigeon shooting. Henry William Holland, Harris’ nephew, joined in 1860 and subsequently began to lodge patents that would lead them to further success. He became a partner in 1876 and the name of the company changed to Holland & Holland. They opened their first factory in 1893, and then another in 1895, and have continued to innovate, creating the infamous .357 H&H Magnum in 1912.

Fabbri Over and Under - £120,000

Type – Over and Under Shotgun

Barrel – 28²

Weight – 6lbs 2oz

An unfired Fabbri shotgun with an astounding level of engraving detail, all completed by the Master Romasoni. This powerful 28-gauge firearm is in mint condition and comes complete with a Nizzoli leather case.


Fabbri has been around since 1968, since founder Ivo Fabbri decided he wanted to create firearms of the same quality and better as the main London gunsmiths. He originally worked with Daniele Perazzi who went onto her own fame in gunmaking, creating competition guns for the Olympics and chosen as a favourite amongst pro shooters. Ivo on the other hand focussed on the best, creating guns with a fusion of traditional and modern manufacturing techniques.

Purdey Over and Under - £150,000

Type – Over and Under Shotgun

Barrel – 26”

Weight – 5lbs 12oz

Engraved by Ken Hunt, this shotgun is a superbly produced piece that is still yet to be fired. With a capped pistol grip and a checkered butt, it handles extremely well, along with being visually stunning as a collector’s piece.


The history of Purdey’s stretches back to 1814, where James Purdey established the business on Prince’s Street in the heart of London. The business flourished as a traditional gunsmith, and has kept a Purdey family member as chairman until the present, apart from one stewardship by Richard Beaumont from 1955-1994, before Richard Purdey became chairman once again. Along with Holland & Holland and Boss, Purdey is known as part of the ‘Blessed Trinity’ of British gunmaking.