Learn how to catch Fish with a fly

Posted by Keen's Tackle and Guns on 29th Feb 2020

Learn how to catch Fish with a fly

Learn how to catch Fish with a fly

I am often told when talking to anglers in the shop “I can’t fly fish it’s far too difficult”.

Anyone can learn to fly fish,all you need is someone to give you pointers in buying the right rod,reel and particularly the right fly line to suit the rod you have purchased. You will then need to seek advice on the basics of fly casting before you pick up any bad habits.

A good way is to have lessons with a fly fishing coach, which we have available to Keen’s customers.The alternative is for one of the staff in the shop to give you pointers to get you started, this will normally take about forty five minutes.

As long as you can lay a line down, you will catch fish .What you must remember is that after you are shown the basics you will need to practise ”practice makes perfect”.

If you have the patience to learn, we have the patience to teach, Interested ?

Why not call us in the shop on 01656 722448 and speak to Jeff or Dean.