Posted by Gary Keen on 10th Apr 2017

10 Things a Seasoned Fisherman should know


If you’re an amateur angler wanting to improve your technique and are keen to learn, then it’s worth learning from the best. Unless you’ve spoken to some seasoned fishermen you might not know the tricks of the trade that will help you out when trying to catch your first fish!

Below we’ve put together 10 of the best snippets of advice that will really help when you’re helping to plan a fishing trip. It’s worth having a read and even if you know a few of these things already, it won’t hurt to learn more about your chosen sport of fishing.

1. Check and Dress for the weather

Be prepared when going out to fish, wear the correct amount of layers depending on the type of the day and pick the right time to go out. An overcast forecast should be the best time to go out.

2. Choose the right equipment and go well equipped

You need to choose the right equipment for you and make sure you’re comfortable with using that equipment after all it could be a while before you get your first Catch of the day.

3. Location, Location Location

Location is key with fishing and probably the most important as you want to catch the most fish, however be careful there are no secret spots in fishing. If no one is there then there is a good reason why, so choose your location well and be careful!

4. Find your perfect Depth

We personally think this is just as important as your location. You need to find your perfect depth and a comfortable spot as you could be there for a quite a while until you fully get used to the tricks of the trade.


Obviously make sure you can actually fish there first. You can look online and look for the laws in the area you’re looking to fish in.

6. Do your Research

Make sure you know which type of fish usually inhabit the area and what the river is like so you don’t get stuck or face any troubles.

7. Fish at the right times

You don’t want to be fishing when the count of fish is pretty low, so just make sure to check online the best times to fish.

8. Take care of your equipment

This is a no brainer: make sure you take care of your equipment. After all, how are you going to catch fish with broken gear?

9. Don’t Buy all the gear with No idea

If it’s your first time don’t spend more than £250, (average cost for all the gear you will need as a beginner). Just spend as little as possible and get comfortable with the basics.

10. Keep your eyes and ears open

You need to stay focused and don’t let your mind wander as you may miss something. Be patient as you may have to wait a while and stay focused but it will be worth the wait, especially if you manage to catch a fish!

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