Winter Worries – Coarse Fishing

Posted by Keen's Tackle & Guns on 3rd Nov 2017

Winter Worries – Coarse Fishing

Man Fishing in Cold Winter

Fishing in the winter months provides its own unique challenges. The cold weather means us anglers can struggle to make a good catch.

To help you beat the cold weather and make the catch of the season we’ve provided our solutions to your most common winter worries, so you can fish with confidence.

Water Clarity

As most anglers know, the drop in temperature means the water becomes clearer. The water’s new clarity can be due to a few factors but, most commonly, organic matter is less likely to grow in the rivers and lakes, meaning there is less sediment to cloud the water. Fish typically feed less in winter which also reduces the suspended sediments leading to much clearer water.

Thanks to these factors, your usual fishing spots will have crystal clear waters making you and your line more noticeable than ever. You can easily combat this problem by using much finer tackle, lighter lines and smaller hooks.

A great line to use is the Spiderwire EZ Fluorocarbon Fishing Line, which claims to be almost invisible in the water. Using this line with the Middy Barbless Hair Carp Hooks in the lighter gauges will give you a winning combination for fishing in clearer waters.

Spiderwire EZ Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Water Temperature

Since the water temperature has dropped both you and the fish will be feeling the effects. To ensure you stay warm against the chilly weather, we’d recommend buying the Fox Carp Winter Suit, which is much more than a simple waterproof coat. This is a whole waterproof suit which has a 5000mm hydrostatic head, meaning it will protect you from the heaviest rain, wind and cold.

Fox Fishing Carp Winter Suit

Since the fish can’t put on a coat like you, they combat the cold by slowing their metabolism down. By slowing down, they become less hungry, meaning they aren’t as enticed by your bait as they would have been in the summer months.

To get the fish really interested in your bait, we’d recommend bright colours which will make it stand out. Sticky’s Manilla Yellow Popups are a great example, these neon balls will grab the carp’s attention and make your bait attractive in the clear waters.

Sticky's Manilla Yellow Popups

You could also choose to use a liquid enhancer such as the Korda/Kiana Carp Goo Bait, which comes in flavours including caramel, pineapple and mystic spice. By dropping a small amount of the liquid onto your hook bait you will increase the attraction, resulting in many more bites.

Korda/Kiana Carp Goo Bait


Finally, the colder water means the fish’s position in the water will change. Within each river or lake there will be the thermocline; a warm stream of water within the main body of water. This warm level could be anywhere but it’s where the fish will be keeping warm.

If you’re struggling to find the fish, you may need to change the depth at which you’re fishing. The thermocline will vary in different waters but if you can find it then you will hit the fishing jackpot.

We hope these tips will help you answer any of your winter fishing worries and that you’re now ready to make a big catch! Why not freshen up your winter kit by heading to Keens Tackles and Guns fishing section? We stock a large range of fishing and hunting products, designed for all weathers.