Posted by Gary Keen on 5th Jan 2016

Winter Fishing Tips

With outdoor sports like fishing, it can be particularly tough to keep participating during the winter months, especially due to harsh weather conditions. Granted that British winters are sometimes quite mild, this doesn’t stop stormy weather ensuring that fans of coarse fishing are left high and dry, rather than low and wet.

It can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible for anglers to still carry on their sport of choice without too much interruption. Mostly, it’s about being prepared and adopting a few favoured techniques to work with the weather, rather than against it. With a little initiative, a lot of determination and a few small tips we’ve listed below, you can still enjoy your favourite pastime during the coldest season. 

Consider the Fish

The biggest difference in seasonal activity of fish compared to warmer months is that in winter they will slow down dramatically, all in an attempt to use as little energy as possible. This will impact the way they react to your bait, as they might be more reluctant to feed as they do not need to consume as much as in the summer.

The best way to counteract this is to be discerning with your bait, to the point that you choose ingredients that will be easier for fish to digest, so they subsequently won’t have to expel much energy. Bird food contains protein enough energy-inducing ingredients it will not require too much movement to eat, as well as natural foodstuffs such as corn and maize having the same result. If you are lucky enough to be spending more than a few days round a certain fishing spot, you may also want to pre-bait the water, in order to tempt fish out of their natural hiding places and become accustomed to feeding regularly again.

Stay Practical

It’s no good preparing all the equipment you need to catch carp or cod during winter, and not preparing equipment for yourself. It is just as important, if not more so, that you have practical clothing that will see you through the period. This includes a base layer, waterproof and hardwearing footwear, a large coat, insulated gloves and comfortable headwear.

In addition to you kitting yourself out with a thermal layer of clothing, it is also advisable to take a camping tent also equipped with multiple layers of canvas, so if you are staying for quite a stint in wintry conditions, you don’t suffer for it.

Find a great spot

Most importantly, the location you choose to go fishing during the winter season is crucial. As much as you can prepare with the right bait, tactics and equipment, if the conditions for the fish are not right, you are likely to be standing in the cold with not much to show for it.

The best place to get any advice for the most appropriate location for winter fishing is your local fishing shop. Speak to a representative in a reputable establishment (like Keen’s Tackle and Guns), to find out the best fishing spots over the cold season. It will also benefit you if you need to stock up on practical clothing and other fishing equipment.

Pop in today for a warm welcome and after advice from us you will find that your winter fishing trip is not doomed to be a frosty disappointment, but a resounding success.